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Google rebrands Assistant: Bard to Gemini – Voice AI Fresh Start

By Chaat Web Feb 12, 2024

In a strategic shift, Google is rekindling its focus on Assistant, intending to introduce advanced functionality in the future. The possibly imminent rebranding of Google Assistant with Bard to “Gemini” could mark a significant transformation for the voice bot.

The Naming Conundrum: Google Assistant’s Identity Crisis

Google Assistant outperforms rivals in tasks, yet its generic name undermines its personality compared to counterparts like Alexa and Siri. The cumbersome wake phrase, ‘OK Google’ or ‘Hey Google,’ unnecessarily complicates matters. A potential rebranding to Gemini could help Assistant shed its generic image, fostering a distinct identity akin to its competitors.

Gemini: A New Beginning or Added Confusion?

Despite the potential benefits, renaming Assistant to Gemini may introduce confusion, as Gemini is already associated with Google’s GPT-4 alternative Large Language Model (LLM). This complication may be exacerbated by the various complexity levels of the LLM, including Gemini Nano, Pro, and Ultra. Additionally, Google is preparing a paid version of Bard named Bard Advanced, adding another layer of complexity to the rebranding.

Assistant’s Current Struggles and Future Hopes

Acknowledging recent issues with fractured services and unreliable voice recognition, Google’s decision to prioritize quality over quantity in Assistant features raises questions. Whether these changes pave the way for the anticipated Gemini rebranding remains to be seen. Despite Assistant’s recent challenges, there’s hope that Google will rejuvenate the voice bot, addressing user concerns and restoring its former glory.

As it navigates the complexities of rebranding, users eagerly anticipate the unveiling of a revitalized Assistant, whether it’s named Gemini or retains its current identity. Only time will reveal the true impact of Google’s efforts to breathe new life into its voice AI offering.

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