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Investors Sour on Microsoft, Alphabet AI Performance

By Chaat Web Feb 12, 2024


In a recent twist of events, tech titans Alphabet and Microsoft found themselves at the center of investor frustration as the allure of generative AI-powered products clashed with the stark reality of soaring development costs. Despite both companies reporting robust increases in cloud revenue for the December quarter, a surge in expenses sent shockwaves through the market, leading to a significant dip in their stock values. This blog post delves into the dynamics that fueled the discontent, examining the juxtaposition of optimistic AI adoption and the financial toll it’s taking on these industry leaders.

Key Points:

Rising Costs Dampen Investor Enthusiasm:

Alphabet and Microsoft witnessed a decline of 6% and 1% in their stock prices, respectively, reflecting investor dissatisfaction with the mounting costs associated with developing cutting-edge AI features.

The market response extended beyond these tech giants, affecting heavyweight stocks like Apple, Meta, and Amazon.

Cloud Revenue Surges Amidst Growing Costs:

Both Microsoft and Alphabet reported substantial increases in cloud revenue, surpassing Wall Street estimates, driven by customer interest in testing new AI features and building personalized AI services.

However, the surge in costs overshadowed the gains, highlighting companies’ intensive investments in servers, data centers, and research as they compete for a share of the growing AI market.

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Market Value Erosion and Investor Expectations:

Alphabet and Microsoft’s stock drops were poised to erase approximately $61 billion and $27 billion in market value, respectively, signaling the impact of investor expectations fueled by the promise of AI.

Investors expressed the desire for a more significant contribution from AI, particularly in the case of Alphabet, where expectations were high given the substantial rise in stock value in 2023.

AI Chipmaker’s Forecast and Market Response:

Shares of chipmaker AMD, which revised its 2024 forecast for AI processors to $3.5 billion, experienced a 3% decline. Analysts had initially anticipated a higher figure, affecting the stock’s valuation.

Alphabet and Microsoft’s Capital Expenditure Surge:

Alphabet’s capital expenditure in the reported quarter surged by 45% to $11 billion, while Microsoft reported a 69% increase to $11.5 billion.

Investor concerns heightened as Alphabet’s CFO, Ruth Porat, announced even larger spending for the upcoming year, emphasizing the companies’ commitment to expanding infrastructure.

Analyst Insights and Future Outlook:

Analysts expressed the challenge of maintaining high valuations, especially when larger cloud players are experiencing faster growth off larger revenues.

Microsoft’s positive outlook provided some relief to investors, but ongoing delivery on growth trajectories will be crucial for justifying share prices, according to analysts.


In conclusion, as the tech industry navigates the delicate balance between innovation and financial prudence, the recent turbulence in Alphabet and Microsoft’s stock values serves as a stark reminder that even giants must grapple with the inherent challenges of the evolving AI landscape.

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