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Nepal Plans to Legalize Ride-Sharing After 7 Years

By Chaat Web Feb 12, 2024


The Bagmati province government of Nepal has announced that it is nearing the completion of a comprehensive legal framework to regulate and legalize app-based ride-sharing services within the capital city of Kathmandu. This announcement comes after seven years since the introduction of such services in the region. Initially pioneered in 2017 with the launch of the first Nepali ride-sharing app, these services have since become an integral part of the transportation ecosystem in Kathmandu.

Regulatory Progress

Balram Niraula, serving as the Bagmati province secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Transport, has announced the finalization of the draft Ride-Sharing Guidelines. This draft is currently awaiting approval from key ministries, including the Economic Affairs and Planning and Law ministries, before officials can proceed to table it at the provincial cabinet for formal adoption.

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Impact of Ride-Sharing

The emergence of ride-sharing, also known as ride-hailing, apps in 2017 brought about a notable transformation in the mobility landscape of Kathmandu. These apps provided users with a convenient means to book, track, and pay for rides directly from their smartphones, offering a solution to navigate the often congested streets of the city.

Challenges and Concerns

However, alongside its burgeoning popularity, ride-sharing has also faced various challenges. Users have reported instances of harassment, and critics have raised concerns about the informal nature of operations, with companies often evading tax obligations and regulatory oversight.

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Addressing Regulatory Issues

Acknowledging these issues, Niraula admitted to delays in addressing the concerns but emphasized that the process has now been expedited. The proposed guidelines aim to streamline the operations of ride-hailing companies, addressing issues such as vehicle registration, annual renewals, fare regulation, and mandatory insurance for passengers.

Future Prospects

Despite previous regulatory challenges and legal uncertainties surrounding ride-sharing services in Nepal, recent developments, including the Bagmati province’s move to legalize such services, signal a concerted effort to address longstanding issues and promote regulatory compliance within the industry. However, effective enforcement of these regulations remains crucial to realizing the envisioned benefits of a legalized ride-sharing ecosystem in Nepal.

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